Donegal Town Business Focus Group are delighted to present Simon Wall, the Town Architect to the Town of Westport, Co Mayo who will give a presentation.

Simon Wall has been Town Architect to the Town of Westport Co Mayo for almost two decades; he is responsible for the built environment as part of the Town Management team.

We feel that this is an excellent opportunity for whole community to come together and see that by working together we too can have an even better town.

Simon will discuss Westport?s holistic approach to Town Planning over the past two decades, and its 5 year Smarter Travel? programme incorporating new greenway and public realm works, for the pedestrian and cyclist.

We would encourage, the business community, residents, community groups, clubs and local representatives to all come together and support this event.

Tuesday 20th January 2015 @ 8pm The Central Hotel, Donegal Town