Donegal Town Business Focus GroupThe Donegal Town Business Focus Group (DTBFG) is a collaborative initiative between people in business, that are based in and around Donegal Town. The group covers businesses in an area that includes Donegal Town to Mountcharles, Laghey and Barnes Gap.

This new group was formed by the businesses themselves to promote Donegal Town as a prime destination to do business in and to create a positive and prosperous working relationship between new and existing businesses. It is the objective of the Group to promote business in Donegal Town, attract new businesses to Donegal Town, lobby for business interests, provide services and information for members.

Business people, young and old, need support as they try to build a livelihood in a small community. The Donegal Town Business Focus Group encourages camaraderie and friendship between business members and between other community-based organisations as this is something they feel has been lost in Donegal Town over the last few years. Working in the community means working with the community and the Donegal Town Business Focus Group is committed to supporting the community in whatever way it can.

The group aims to encourage new community pride in Donegal Town and to help build a better sense of the community working together. Transparency in what is being done on behalf of the people of Donegal Town and helping to develop real business opportunities for new and existing businesses of the area is top of their agenda.

The Donegal Town Business Focus Group is not a private club. It is an open forum for people, in business in Donegal Town, to have their say. The group is non-political and non-denominational – it is about getting the business done! Subscription rates apply to cover operational costs.

One of the many features of the new group is to to offer talks and mentor assistance to business members.

If you are in business in Donegal Town and want a real role in the promotion, development and enhancement of the business growth and activities in Donegal Town and surrounding areas, get in touch with the Donegal Town Business Focus Group.

The Future of Donegal Town is now in Your Hands.